2GIG-XCVR2-345 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver

2GIG-XCVR2-345 2GIG 900 MHz Transceiver

The 2GIG-XCVR2 Transceiver Module is designed to be used with the 2GIG Go!Control Security System control panel. The transceiver is a dual frequency device. It receives 345 MHz signals from the system sensors, and receives and transmits 900 MHz signals to and from the 2GIG-TS1 Wireless Keypad.

Use of the new 2GIG-TS1 requires a Go!Control panel with the 2GIG-XCVR2-345 installed and running system software version 1.8. Detailed 1.8 update instructions and 2GIG-XCVR2-345 installation instructions will be provided with the products. Only one 2GIG-XCVR2-345 is required for each Go!Control panel providing support upto 4 2GIG-TS1's.

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