GC3 Radios & Antennas (All 2GIG)

GC3 Radios & Antennas (All 2GIG)

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2GIG-3GA-A-GC3 2GIG AT&T GSM 3G (HSPA) Cell Radio Module - Alarm.com

3G (HSPA) cellular telephone module Provides 2-way voice communication Works on AT&T network Pl..


2GIG-3GR-A-GC3 2GIG Rogers 3G (HSPA) Cell Radio Module - Alarm.com

3G (HSPA) cellular telephone moduleProvides 2-way voice communicationWorks on Rogers networkPlugs in..


2GIG-LTEV1-A-GC3 2GIG Verizon CDMA 4G LTE CAT1 Cell Radio Module for GC3 - Alarm.com

2GIG LTE cell radio module brings longer-life cellular connectivity and simple installation to 2GIG ..


2GIG-XCVR3-GC3 2GIG XCVR Image Sensor Adapter

900MHz Transceiver Enables bi-directional communication with IMAGE2 Easy to install in any GC3 pane..


2GIG-ANT2X 2Gig Technologies External Attic Mount GSM Antenna

Model Number: 2GIG-ANT2X External Attic Mount GSM Antenna: Antenna installs in the wall beh..


2GIG-ANT5XL-GC3 2GIG LTE Attic Antenna for GC3

Model Number: 2GIG-ANT5XL-GC3LTE Attic Antenna for GC3:Compatible with LTE NetworkAntenna installs i..